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business solutions

our business solutions are designed to help enhance the everyday business lives of our customers such that they can deliver value to their clients in more efficient and affordable ways.



showcase your brand, products and services directly to your customers at minimal cost with the new Etisalat Easy Status for businesses.

you now have an affordable and effective way to advertise your product to callers of your business and staff lines. With the Etisalat Easy Status for business, you can set-up a message about your business, product or service that will appear anytime your staff and business lines are called.


  • easily affordable and convenient to use
  • 100% guarantee that your callers will see your notification message
  • you have full control as you determine the message to appear, time and frequency
  • you do not pay extra even when your messages are viewed multiple times by callers
  • no issue around unsolicited messages or invasion of privacy


  • your message will remain on your staff or business lines callers phone so they never miss it
  • you can set-up different messages to appear on callers phones at different time of the day
  • you can set-up multiple messages to appear on the same callers phones
  • you can configure specific message that will appear when callers call specific staff or business line
  • you can restrict certain keyword from being used in the message you are sending to callers
  • you can set-up message to remind your staff on important activities when they call each other

Subscription Cost for Mobile Lines
bandno of users allowedcostvalidity
11 – 50 (MSISDN)usersN2,250.00monthly
251 -100 (MSISDN)usersN4,500.00
3101 – 150 (MSISDN)Users
4151 – 200 (MSISDN)Users
5201- 250 (MSISDN)Users
6251 –300 (MSISDN)Users
7301 – 350 (MSISDN)Users
8351 – 400 (MSISDN)Users
9401 -  450 (MSISDN)Users
10451 – 500 (MSISDN)UsersN22,500.00

Subscription Cost for E1 Lines
bandno of users allowedOne-off Set-up Fee
Subscription Cost
11E1 PRI Line N50,000.00N2,250
22e1 PRI Lines
33E1 PRI Lines & Above



Subscription Process:

Send a mail to with the following information:

  • business registered name
  • business office address (Not P.O. Box)
  • business mobile number
  • name of contact person
  • mobile number of contact person
  • email address of contact person
  • preferred subscription band (e.g. band 1)
  • preferred duration of subscription (e.g 1 year)

You will be contacted by an etisalat sales representative who will set up an account for you on the service after payment

You can then click here to log-in to the Easy Status portal or visit and log in with the information provided to you.

You can then create your desired message that will appear on all your staff/business lines callers phone, add your staff/business line and self-manage your account via the portal.


business add ons

business add ons

The easybusiness 2.0 solution allows our customers to flexibly customize their business solutions by allowing them to select their preferred add-ons to their existing voice & data bundle.

Insurance services (life policy):

Insure your workforce with N100,000 life cover and N10,000 accident cover.

  • to opt in – text ‘’life’’ to 54885 (N100 monthly / N25 weekly).
  • to cancel – text ‘’stop’’ to 54885
  • to make claim – text ‘’claim’’ to 54885

one-off CUG plans:

unlimited voice calls among colleagues of the same company (fair usage policy applies)

CUG plans
plancostactivation code
2.0 CUG 1000₦1000*350*1*2#
2.0 CUG 500₦500*350*1*1#

International bundle:

  • USA, Canada & Western Europe bundle – *6585*1# (50 minutes at N500)
  • Asia bundle   –  *6585*2# (50 minutes at N500)
  • query status  – *6585#
  • opt-out   – *6585*0#

flex bundles:

easyflex bundle plans
flex bundlebundle costactivation codeeasyflex value2 for 1 promo valuevalidity
easyflex 20000₦20,000*344*20000#₦62,500NA30 days
easyflex 10000₦10,000*344*10000#₦32,500NA30 days
easyflex 5000₦5,000*344*5000#₦12,500₦37,50030 days
easyflex 4000₦4,000*344*4000#₦12,500NA30 days
easyflex 2000₦2,000*344*2000#₦5,000₦15,00030 days
easyflex 1000₦1,000*344*1000#₦3,750NA14 days
easyflex 500₦500*344*500#₦1,800 talk time + 100MBNA7 days
easyflex 300₦300*344*300#₦900 talk time + 50MBNA7 days

chatPak monthly:

enjoy free access to stay connected with your favourite apps

  • opt in code –  *343*5*7# @ N400 valid for 30 days

SME shared data (shared internet)

SME shared data
packagecost (N)activation code
16GB N8000*917*9*1#
22GB N10000*917*9*2#
42GB N18000*917*9*4#

easyblaze data services

easyblaze plans
packagecost (N)activation code
10MB dailyN50*229*3*8#
20MB dailyN100*229*3*1#
1.5GB montlyN1000*229*2*7#
1.5GB montlyN1000*229*2*7#
3.5GB montlyN2000*229*2*8#
16GB montlyN8000*229*2*5#
1.5GB weekend planN500*5995*2#

sme office box (data + router bundle)

sme office box (data + router bundle)

our SME office box internet plan offers discounted data plans to businesses when they purchase a SME office box plan from any etisalat experience centre nationwide, registered dealer or strategic partner.

SME office box
bronzeN25005GBMiFi (N13000) or router (24,000)